Saturday, May 4: Our Bold Voices: Rewired, Not Retired

The Hollywood Senior Center will feature local older adults who have “retired” from traditional careers, only to find new meaning doing something very different. Through personal stories, hear more about their unique paths of self’-discovery, including ways they are reengaging with others in new and creative ways. This is an ideal event for people 50+ who are searching for new opportunities. Come hear their stories, ask questions, network and leave inspired with new possibilities. Aging advocate and master storyteller Paul Iarrobino of Our Bold Voices will host the event. The fee for this event is $5 per ticket; buy tickers at http:/www.ourboldvoices .com/events/our-bold-voices-presents-rewired-not-retired. Please call 503-288-8303 to register for this special Saturday event on  May 4 7:00-8:30 pm.

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