March 22: Coronavirus Update–Please Read

On Friday we shared important news that we had been made aware that a participant had recently tested positive for Covid-19. Since then we have received a number of emails from concerned individuals who are fearful that they may have come into contact with that individual on March 11. We felt that is was important to notify you as it was the first case of which we were made aware. The individual attended a committee meeting in Classroom B (next to the kitchen) hosted by a partner organization. The meeting was between the hours of 12:30 and 2pm. Members of that committee have been notified of possible exposure by the partner organization. We were notified as a host site.

It is our understanding that this individual was also in the Center earlier in the month on Tuesday, March 3, between the hours of 10am and noon on the stage. Please remember that this individual was asymptomatic during both visits to the Center and that we had increased the level of cleaning and disinfecting in the building beginning Monday, March 9. We also want to share that this individual is home, recovering and receiving support from friends.

It’s important for all of us to remember that during the next few days and weeks it is very likely that each of us will know someone whose doctor has given them a likely diagnosis, with or without a positive test. Given the number of groups and individuals who use the Hollywood Senior Center on a daily basis, it is likely that we will receive news that others who had visited the Senior Center over the last month will test positive or display symptoms.  

As we move forward, we are making a change to our COVID-19 notification protocol: Because we have been closed since March 14, we will not send mass updates. Instead, if we are made aware, we will work to notify any individuals or groups that we believe might have been in contact with the individual within a certain time frame.

Please remember how critical it is that we all maintain social distancing and behave as if anyone we interact with could be infected. Stay home. Stay healthy.

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