Community for Positive Aging  was founded as Hollywood Senior Center in 1973, a nonprofit committed to creating an uplifting and vibrant environment for adults 55 and older while providing a channel for intergenerational relationships and learning. For more than 45 years, CFPA  has focused on offering a diverse range of services with the singular focus of empowering older adults to live their lives with independence, and a sense of fulfillment. Community for Positive Aging is committed to addressing the social, cultural, environmental and economic needs that create barriers that impact the wellness of older adults.


OUR VALUES: Respect ~ Excellence ~Diversity, Equity,  Inclusion~Teamwork ~ Innovation ~ Community 

Community for Positive Aging (formerly The Hollywood Senior Center and The Giving Tree) is a caring and healthy organization that encourages intergenerational relationships, recognizes the wisdom and experience of its elders, and demonstrates awareness and respect for the aging process. Seniors have access to a full spectrum of services, including social, emotional, educational and recreational opportunities appropriate to their unique needs and interests. We value, appreciate and encourage the important contributions of older adults in our community and empower people of all ages to achieve happy, healthy aging.
We have some very exciting news to share. It’s no secret that Hollywood Senior Center has been busy this last year. In addition to adapting our programming and services throughout the pandemic, our organization has been involved with program expansion and absorption of The Giving Tree, a not-for-profit organization committed to providing residential services to people living in affordable housing throughout Portland.
To reflect our organizational growth and expanded programming in 2021, we have now officially re-launched as Community for Positive Aging, an organization that includes Hollywood Senior Center as one of several core programs operating under the refreshed organizational name and structure.
As the Community for Positive Aging we’ll still have the same programs you know and love, but we’ll also be able to add more programs and resources to support more participants. The Community for Positive Aging will be a hub that offers a multitude of no and low cost and donation-based services, a devoted team enhanced by peer run programs, and resources that empower you to learn, connect, and grow as you, and the people you care about, age.
We believe that younger and older generations alike share attitudes and experiences that reflect
positive aging, and we’ve created a place where everyone, regardless of who they are, feels part of this community.
We remain loyal to our roots and you’ll see elements of the Hollywood Senior Center carried over into the Community for Positive Aging. The familiar sun holds a key place in our new logo. The Hollywood Senior Center will remain the name of our building and will continue to be a core part of our organization and mission.
 Hollywood Senior Center-Community for Positive Aging Core Programs


  • Community for Positive Aging at Hollywood Senior Center (classes, events, support groups, case management, transportation coordination, information and assistance)
  • • Community for Positive Aging— Neighborhood Gleaners
  • • Community for Positive Aging—Asian Food Pantry & Neighborhood Food Pantry
  • Community for Positive Aging—The Morrison, Alder House,  Uptown Towers, Fairfield Hotel, Dawson Park,  Helen Swindells

Meet Our Team

Amber Kern-Johnson, Executive Director

Email: amber.kern-johnson@communityfpa.org

Born in Southern Oregon and raised in Northern California, Amber has proudly called Portland home for the last 18 years. Amber is a strategic mission-driven leader with more than 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector with extensive experience in fundraising, community outreach, public speaking, strategic planning, advocacy, fiscal management, board relations, volunteer recruitment, innovation and program design. She has served as the Executive Director of the Hollywood Senior Center since 2010. She has a degree in Sociology a certificate in the Fundamentals of Gerontology, a Joint Certificate Program presented by The American Society on Aging and the USC Davis School of Gerontology. She is mom to two teenage boys. She enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her family and friends.

Douglas Samuels, Deputy Director

Email: douglas.samuels@communityfpa.org

Douglas Samuels hails from the east coast and has lived and worked in the Pacific Northwest for 19 years. Douglas attended the State University of New York College at Buffalo for his B.S. in Business Administration with a minor in African American Studies and M.S. in Counseling and Student Development. He completed his Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with a focus on Diversity, Equality, Equity, and Inclusion for Women Leaders of Color at the University of Vermont. Douglas has worked across the country as a senior-level college and university student affairs and enrollment management administrator, a professor, and consultant teaching Racism and American Law, Women and the Law, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, questioning and the law, Trauma-informed Diversity, Equity, Equality, and Inclusion workshops. He has served as a certified Washington State Long-Term Care Ombudsperson for six years, Washington State Long-Term Care State Ombudsman Education Specialist and Program Lead for the Victims of Crimes advocacy, trauma-informed outreach programs, and trauma-informed training for over 300 staff and volunteers supporting vulnerable residents residing in Long-Term Care Homes in the State of Washington. Douglas is the chair of the Southwest Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsperson Advisory Board.

Judy Lee, Operations Director

Email: judy.lee@communityfpa.org

Judy was born and spent her childhood in Taiwan before immigrating to Portland with her family at the age of 12. She is a resourceful and strategic leader who spent twenty years in management consulting overseeing a global delivery team: creating and implementing sustainable systems for improving performance and operational efficiency. She joins the non-profit sector with her success in managing resources, budgets, and expectations, translating organizational objectives into tangible course of action, and driving desired outcome. She has been coordinating the first culturally-specific food pantry for Asian seniors and collaborates with other programs as their advocate. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with degrees in Biology and East Asian Studies. She enjoys hiking, yoga, trying new food and traveling!

Michael Murphy, Center Activity & Event Manager

Email: michael.murphy@communityfpa.org

Michael grew up in the Pacific Northwest and loves the outdoors and, before Covid, spent a lot of time getting out into it – hiking, biking, and running. He is married and have a (soon to be) three year old daughter, who he absolutely adores playing with and chasing around. He comes from a big family, so loves being around people, and talking about every issue under the sun. He is really excited to join the Hollywood Senior Center team. Please contact Michael with any questions about HSC’s virtual programming, or if you need assistance registering for any events.

Julie Ann Barowski, Volunteer Program Manager

Email: julieann.barowski@communityfpa.org

Julie Ann grew up in Michigan, graduating from Michigan State University. Before deciding to join Hollywood Senior Center and relocate to Portland, she lived in the Seattle and Denver areas where she worked in volunteer program management at non-profit organizations for more than 13 years. She is passionate about improving communities through volunteerism and mission-based work. Julie Ann holds a current Certificate in Volunteer Administration and is experienced in strategic planning and best practices for volunteer engagement. She enjoys reading, spending time in nature, and world travel.

Ken Davis, Lead Case Manager

Email: ken.davis@communityfpa.org

Born and raised in Oregon, Ken proudly calls Portland his home.  He earned his B.S. in Human Services from the University of Oregon and has been providing case management and advocacy services to older adults and people with disabilities for the past 30 years.  He has an extensive history of program management, strategic planning and policy development.  Ken is passionate about serving older adults and helping to create a community where all are welcome.  He is excited to be joining the team at the Hollywood Senior Center. Ken is the proud dad of two amazing daughters. In his free time, Ken enjoys reading, being in nature, and spending time with family and friends.

Tatsiana Taran, Case Manager

Email: tatsiana.taran@communityfpa.org

Tatsiana has been providing senior social services for more than eight years and recently earned a STAR-C certificate from the University of Washington. She holds a masters degree in teaching from Belarus State University. She speaks several Slavic languages and teaches elementary-aged children to read and write Russian. In her free time she enjoys reading, exercise and practicing a healthy diet.

Travis Small, Case Manager/Wraparound Services Specialist

Email: travis.small@communityfpa.org

Travis grew up in Maryland and graduated from New College of Florida with a BA in Anthropology. He has worked in social services in the Pacific Northwest, serving primarily older adults, since 2016. Travis is a member of CPA’s Enhanced Resident Services team and guides downtown residents living in subsidized housing to resources and service providers to meet their needs.

Anne Barrows, Finance Manager

Email: anne.barrows@communityfpa.org

Anne graduated from USC with a degree in finance. She worked in high tech for 16 years, first as a group controller and eventually leading merger and acquisition teams. After her twins were born, she shifted to not-for-profit work, most recently at Stanbridge Academy, a school for children on the spectrum in the Bay Area. She is currently the part-time finance manager at the Portland Youth Philharmonic Association, Inc. In her free time, she watches her friends play college tennis, travels, and restores old homes. She also likes to cook and sew.

Kathleen Sillonis, Facilities and Administrative Associate

Email: kathleen.sillonis@communityfpa.org

Kathleen is a native Oregonian, who grew up in Eastern Oregon and moved west to attend college. Kathleen is an Arthritis Foundation-certified Walk with Ease leader. She enjoys a variety of crafts including, stained glass and sewing. She is active in hiking, cycling and softball.

Mel Shea, Enhanced Resident Services Manager

Email: mel.shea@communityfpa.org

Originally from central California, Mel has been calling Portland home for the past 14 years. She started working as a volunteer for The Giving Tree several years ago. Since then has led multiple classes and programs, hosted events and served as a board member, until The Giving Tree’s merger with The Hollywood Senior Center.  In her free time she loves to be out in nature, cook for others, craft up a storm, celebrate friends and sing karaoke.  She is so delighted to be a member of the CFPA team and to continue to serve the community of Portland.

Elizabeth Venable, Enhanced Resident Services Coordinator

Email: elizabeth.venable@communityfpa.org

Elizabeth Venable has been calling Portland her home for the last 18 years with roots in the midwest. She got her undergrad at PSU with a focus on sociology, philosophy, and art. Previous to her work at the Community For Positive Aging, she was the volunteer coordinator for Unite, taught and worked in administration at Rock ‘N Rock Camp for Girls, and curated arts and musical/cultural events around Portland.

Hollywood Senior Center Board of Directors


President: Lori Frank, Director Pace Services, Providence ElderPlace
Vice-President: Linda Anderson, Retired communications consultant/public relations
Secretary: Lois Martin, Retired administrative associate
Treasurer: Mary Casey, Retired Investment Manager

Board of Directors

Linda Anderson, Retired communications consultant/public relations
Mary Casey, Retired from financial advisor, Umpqua Investments
Paul Clark,- Emeritus, Owner/broker Township Properties
Harvey Garnett,  Emeritus, Retired business owner
Arlene Halvorson, Retired from Sterling Savings
Kim McCulloch, Assistant vice president, Umpqua Bank
Neal Naigus, Retired from  Assistant to the CLIMB Executive Director, Portland Community College, CLIMB Center
Whitney Yazzolino, Attorney, Yazzolino, Lohuis & Edgel, LLP
Heather Keisler Fornes, Executive Director, Portland Fruit Tree Project

Mary Lou Soscia, Columbia River Coordinator- USEPA

Lara Rosenblum,  Head of Market Development- Big Health

Chester Hill,  Attorney, Cosgrave Vergeer Kester LLP

Lawrence Jacobson, LCSW, MPH, Practice of Health

Advisory Council

Chair: Turella Woods
Vice-Chair: Jim Rico
Secretary: Lois Martin
Tom Getts
Peter Sysyn
Sherri Osburn
Harvey Garnett
Teri Knesal

Steve Whitson

Tim Hahn

Michael Guy

Phu Nguyen

Susan Calvert

Carol Cooper

Nancy Hawver