Neighborhood Gleaners

Neighborhood Gleaners: Senior Nutrition ProgramGleaners with produce

Neighborhood Gleaners is a volunteer-run program of the Hollywood Senior Center=Community for Positive Aging. We collect food that would otherwise go to waste from the Hollywood Farmers Market and redistribute it to low-income seniors in the community.

“Thank you so much, this is a big kindness.  It’s hard to find free fresh food, and hard to  afford it. You are the space between a rock and  a hard place.” —Ellen

AS THE 2021 Neighborhood Gleaners  season wraps up, we want to extend  our gratitude to the many volunteers  and vendors who make a program  possible. Thank you Neighborhood Gleaners for  your incredible commitment to the nourishment  and support of older adults. For every challenge  presented this year, Neighborhood Gleaners rose  to the occasion. From delivering weekly bags  of fresh produce from the Hollywood Farmers  Market to donating additional food to our weekly  food boxes, ingenuity and dedication has been so  greatly appreciated. Thank you for continuing to  make the community better.