Zoom Tutorial

Hollywood Senior Center is excited to now offer virtual programming so you can continue to participate in some of the Center’s classes that you enjoy.

Many of our classes will be offered through Zoom, a service that offers video communications. This service is free for you to use when participating in Hollywood Senior Center Zoom Programs.

Information About Zoom

You can join the Zoom meeting from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Zoom also allows you to participate by phone for those who want audio-only. You may need to still call in for the audio even if you are using a device.

Zooms offers helpful one-minute videos to help you troubleshoot any issues.

All Zoom programming includes a direct link to join the meeting. Simply click that link. Please note the meeting ID and Password, these are unique for each class, and you may need to enter it if a direct link is unavailable.

For those dialing in via one of the toll-free phone numbers that are provided in the email, you do NOT need a participant number; simply press the # key.

When you click on “Join a Meeting” on any of your devices, for the first time only, you will be asked to download the ZOOM application. Simply click, or tap, “Yes” if asked for permission.

Feel free to reach out to HSC staff at staff@hollywoodseniorcenter.org for questions.